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Yeshiva of Central Florida is a college preparatory Yeshiva High School headquartered in Orlando, Florida with satellite branches in Tampa and Jacksonville (with additional branches to come).  YCF's standard is to engage each student via the prism of serious commitment to Torah study accompanied by a rigorous study of the world around him. 

To accomplish this, YCF provides an excellent Judaic and general studies curriculum with a robust elective program and speaker series.  This includes a combination of in person and live online classes.  The online classes are offered through various accredited programs that span the range from remedial through gifted, including dual enrollment College courses.  The curriculum is tailored to each student and is set up in a manner that will be most effective for him.

The school program is designed to educate the students in all aspects of life, with an emphasis on midos, building self-confidence, and striving to reach each individual's potential.

Principal's Message
From the Desk of Rabbi Raphael Malavsky

Dear Prospective Parents and Talmidim,

I imagine that you may be thinking and asking many of the same questions that I did
when I first heard about YCF. After having been in chinuch for so many years I had a great many
questions. These spanned many of the big topics such as the hashkafa, the curriculum in
limudei kodesh and secular studies, the overall educational standards and goals for the
talmidim and how the unique blend of in-person, distance and online teaching and learning
would work. Let me tell you that from my initial introduction with YCF and the many more very

detailed conversations over a few months that we had before my coming on board I was
consistently struck by the passion, keen intellect, forethought and goals of the founders of the
Yeshiva. They have envisioned and created a system that is already producing a wonderful
educational product for communities that due to their location and student numbers cannot
fund a standard high school Yeshiva program. YCF can also be the answer for various individuals
who might be in proximity of a Yeshiva but need something more geared to their specific


Our first priority is to make sure that YCF is a smooth professionally run institution with
high standards and that is has all the systems in place to support the faculty and talmidim to
become their very best. This means giving each and every student warm, personal care and
establishing an environmental culture that expects hard work toward the goal of achieving a
very well rounded Torah and secular education. This is required to help the students take pride
and feel a satisfaction and connection to the Yeshiva and the faculty.


My years in the classroom and extensive supervisory experience as well as being aware
of the demanding technological society in which we live has convinced me that schools owe it
to their talmidim to have and require high standards. This prepares them for the challenges
ahead as committed Jews and as socially aware and active world citizens. Special services may
be available for students with both special needs and exceptional ability but even in these cases
high expectations will lead to one of the most important element for student success; self-
esteem developed through hard work and academic success.


I will tell you that I am very excited about being a part of this exclusive Yeshiva and being able
to help with a program that can open the doors to many young men to get a wonderful full-
fledged Yeshiva education where before it was out of reach. If you feel that your son would
benefit from our unique Yeshiva program it would be my pleasure to speak with you.


All the best,
Rabbi Raphael Malavsky


We have an amazing team of Judaic and General studies teachers.  Whether in person, or live online, our faculty is dedicated to the success of each of our boys at an individual level.  

Rabbi Ari Hercenberg


Rabbi Hercenberg joined the YCF team from its inception. With his dynamic, engaging and electrifying energy, he quickly connects with the students, encouraging them with his warmth and nurturing style. His crystal clear delivery coupled together with his commitment for excellence in education inspires his students to acquire superior clarity and brings to fruition the potential he sees in every student. Rabbi Hercenberg is the type of person who sees the entire picture, using the knowledge and experience of 20 years in chinuch and caring for the individual student, therefore being the perfect fit for Rosh Yeshiva of YCF. Rabbi Hercenberg is a talmid of Harav Asher Arieli and Harav Nissin Kaplan as well as having a very close relationship with Harav Asher Weiss. Rabbi Hercenberg received Semicha Yoreh Yoreh Yadin Yadin from Harav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg Z"L.

Rosh Hayeshiva

Halacha, Hashkafa

Rabbi Raphael Malavsky


Rabbi Raphael Malavsky received his Rabbinical degree from BMG in Lakewood and then earned his Masters and completed his coursework towards his Doctorate in Education from Azrieli. He has over 40 years of experience as an educator in the Orthodox Yeshiva Day School world. His career spans pretty much the full gamut of educational experiences, culminating in his position as menahel/principal spanning many years and as a consultant/principal these last 8. In each position he has had exceptional success in building a smooth running, professional Yeshiva where the talmidim are happy and growing young men while at the same time receiving an excellent education. 
His early leadership roles were as a young Hebrew School principal and then as the Menahel/principal of a very prestigious college preparatory Yeshiva (JEC – Elizabeth, NJ) for 18 years. He was then recruited to create the very same model (Ma’or Yeshiva – Long Branch, NJ) which he ran for 12 years. He was approached to help in the development (Heichal HaTorah – Teaneck, NJ) of a new, rapidly growing Yeshiva that required an experienced educator to help create a professional Yeshiva high school program. Then, he was asked to come give new direction and transform the Shaare Torah boys high school (Brooklyn, NY). His most recent achievement was when he was asked to create and start another new boys high school the Ohr HaTorah Yeshiva in Hollywood Florida. It is our pleasure to have Rabbi Malavsky join YCF as our educational consultant and interim Principal to help us continue on our path as a top tier Yeshiva Program.


Parsha, Tefilla

Rabbi Baruch Harris


Rabbinically trained and ordained in the Holy City of Yerushalayim, Rabbi Harris, a Torah pioneer in Afula, Israel, has been teaching Torah for decades in various positions, from elementary to post high-school as well as adult education. An expert mohel, he spends most of his time between bris milahs in the beis medrash learning Torah and preparing for his shiurim. 



Rabbi Joseph Hamaoui


As an experienced Tanach Rebbe, Rabbi Hamaoui is able to delve into Chumash and Navi, bringing the beauty of Torah sh'Bichsav to each boy regardless of his prior knowledge.  He is based in Jacksonville where he is also active with JSU, NCSY, Jacksonville Torah Academy and Kollel.



Mrs. Sarah Halvorsen


Sarah Cook Halvorsen is in her twenty-fifth year of teaching English literature. Originally from southern California, Ms. Halvorsen has taught IB Literature, AP Literature, as well as General Education literature classes both at a public high school and international schools. She received her B.A. in English from Rollins College, an M.A. in Civic and Cultural Management from Tulane University, and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the American University in Cairo. Ms. Halvorsen was a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa after her undergraduate studies and has a passion for travel. Her favorite writers are Cormac McCarthy, Margaret Atwood, and George Eliot. She holds her teaching credential in the state of California.

Language Arts

lovebug black n white.jpg

Mr. Blair received his bachelor’s degree in physics in 2012, and master’s degree in mechanical
engineering in 2014, and has been a career-long educator. He prides himself on teaching high level
mathematics, preparing students for university math and STEM, and preparing students for advanced
high school mathematics. His experience with physics and engineering allows him to easily incorporate
real world concepts into the mathematics lessons. He places a large emphasis on the underlying logic
and inner simplicity of mathematics rather than blindly memorizing and applying formulas.

Mr. Josh


Mr. Abraham Ng

Abraham Ng received his Masters of Science from University of Chicago in 2015 and has been teaching high school science ever since.  As a Chemist, he is particularly adept at teaching Chemistry and AP Chemistry and has embraced many different online teaching modalities.  This allows him to engage the students in science at many different levels.



Mrs. Yael Gollub


Yael Gollub/Kamensky was born in Israel.  She received her Bachelors from the University of California Los Angeles.  She has been teaching for thirty years. Her passion is telling stories and inspiring students to bring out their best. 

Hebrew Language

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