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Bringing YCF to Your Community

Yeshiva of Central Florida is designed to be implemented in small communities that do not have the capability to start a full Yeshiva.  Read more to see if your community can join with YCF to help the boys in your town.

Our Approach

Yeshiva of Central Florida (YCF) is dedicated to bringing high school Yeshiva education to out-of-town communities.  YCF's unique approach, staff and resources allow for YCF to be implemented in both small and large communities alike, without adding a financial burden on the community.  This not only allows a community to begin building infrastructure such as a high school Yeshiva, with minimal effort and expense, it even allows the community to use their success with YCF as a springboard to start their own Yeshiva high school, should they so choose. 


Each YCF branch requires only a minimum of 2-3 students to begin.  With our unique approach, the students gather together in person at a facility and have both in person and live online classes connecting them to the larger YCF community; all while being monitored by an in person proctor. The proctor's primary job is to monitor the students and ensure they are following the schedule while simultaneously overseeing the welfare of the students.


The online academics are also geared toward each individual student, allowing each student to be able to advance at their level, be it remedial or College level.  In addition, there are YCF-wide shabbatons throughout the year with at least one shabbaton in each YCF city. With this approach the students get both the needed social and academic stimulation that high school students require for success.  


To learn more about starting a YCF branch in your community please contact us.

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